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            Rustica House ?


            rustic home accent electric switch and plug fixture wallplate covers  

            Decorative Wallplates

            Building code requires covering all household electric fixtures such as plugs and light switches with wallplates. Usually, those covers are made of no appealing materials blending with walls. Why not to convert the ordinary plates in to rustic home accents? The best way to do it, it is to buy decorative wallplates made of talavera from Mexico. They are handmade for regular light switches, plugs and rocker type fixtures including telephone and cable TV outlets.

            Mexican wallplates come in a variety of configurations incorporating multiple plates meant for different fixtures. For example you might have a need for a lamp dimmer and regular plug cover. No problem, we have them all in many different colors and patterns.

            • decorative electrical outlet cover plates
            • decorative electrical wall plates
            • decorative electrical switch plates
            • decorative electrical cord covers
            • talavera switch plate covers


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