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            Rustica House ?


            mexican bathroom sinks

            Mexican Bathroom Sink

            Skillfully handcrafted, our Talavera bathroom sinks inspired by Mexican, vibrant culture will make you change your mind about rustic style. A unique concept, our classic Mexican sinks transport you to artistic and cheerful country South of the border. It has a longtime tradition of decorating not only luxurious buildings or public areas such as fountains, parks or squares but the most functional and tiniest items like earthenware or furniture. Ceramic sinks painted in Mexican style patterns embrace this utilitarian approach towards vivid and bold design. In Mexico, all aspects of the architecture and interior design are marked with a personalized style of its owner, even lavatory sinks. Buy from a broad collection of talavera bathroom sinks to color up your bathroom!

            • Round sinks
            • Square sinks
            • Oval sinks
            • Vessel sinks
            • Pedestal sinks
            • Wall mount sins
            • Drop-in sinks
            • Undermount sinks

            Mexican Talavera Bathroom Sinks

            As a place to refresh your body and where you can relax, the bathroom should be designed the way you can easily recharge your energy and first of all, that reflects your personality. Mexican bathroom sinks made of talavera with their stunning bathroom patterns and bright colors will for sure create a cheerful atmosphere of well-being. Analyze the available room in your bathroom and buy the suitable shape and size of your new painted talavera sink. Small or big, any bathroom can get spiced up with our Mexican vanities. Until now the popular products were oval sinks for undermount drop-in counter installation. The latest trend however in rustic home improvements is round and rectangular vessel sinks. But that`s not all. Your decorative sink can be also wall-mounted to save a lot of floor space or totally the opposite, a pedestal type that adds a great dose of farmhouse vibe to your drop-in or undermount wash basin.