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            Additional Information

            Additional Information

            Account Navigation

            Account Navigation

            Currency - All prices are in AUD

            Currency - All prices are in AUD
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            Rustica House ?



            DELIVERY TIME: It takes on average a month to deliver from Mexico to the US including production. In some cases, it may take longer depending on the product type and customs inspection. 
            ORDER STATUS: You can consult your account for the order status. 

            - If it shows Under Production it means the item is under production and it has not been shipped yet. 

            - If it shows as shipped, you already received Shipment Confirmation message with a tracking number sent by the carrier to your email address you provided during ordering. It can be used to check the status on the carrier's site. Keep in mind, the tracking is for delivery from the US/Mexico border and the item needs first to arrive from our facility in Central Mexico at the border and clear customs.  It may take two weeks.

            SHIPPING: from Central Mexico to Laredo, Tx as consolidated cargo (no tracking for individual items available). From Laredo, Tx to destination depending on the item:

            1. SMALL ITEMS:  From Laredo, Tx to US buyers by Fedex

            2. LARGE ITEMS: (range hood, copper bathtub, stone fountain, etc), shipped as freight via the carrier will call to schedule an appointment prior to delivering. 

            IMPORTANT NOTE FOR US BUYERS: Since we pay for delivery from the US/Mexico border in Laredo, Tx to your address prior to shipping from Central Mexico, the tracking becomes active only after the item crossed the border. It may take about two weeks from the shipping notification to the tracking showing the item in the carrier tracking system.


            Return Policy

            1. You may return most new, unused Rustica House items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Please see store policies for the return procedure.

            2. If you are returning your item for any other reason but damage that occurred during transportation, the shipping cost of delivering the product to you will be deducted from the refund. Delivery cost of damaged goods will not be deducted from the refund under the condition the damage was reported to the carrier at the time of delivery. Any damage must be documented on the delivery receipt handed over to you with the product by a delivering driver.

            3. You will receive your refund within five days from the day tracking information on the carrier site confirmed delivery date. 

            4. Made to order and modified Rustica House products cannot be returned for refund unless they were delivered damaged. See paragraph 2 for requirements to qualify for refund including free shipping.


            See Buyer/Seller agreement for details



            Shipping Damages

            Any freight delivery MUST be inspected by the buyer for damages in delivering track driver presence prior to signing a receipt stating the cargo was delivered in good condition. It is possible that the packaging may not show any damages but the cargo inside has been damaged. Possible causes are careless handling, hitting with a forklift teeth or hard dropping. If the cargo has been damaged include description of damages on the delivery receipt. If possible take photos of the cargo and packaging.


            If it is reparable accept the delivery and obtain a written estimate from your local contractor for fixing it. We will refund the repair cost and claim the amount with the carrier.


            If the item has been damaged beyond repair, include damage description in the receipt and deny the delivery. Sent us a copy of the receipt accompanied with images showing the damage and your opinion about probable causes. Once the damage claim has been filed with the carrier we will ship the replacement free of charge as well as schedule the damaged cargo pick up.


            NOTE: There is specific law in the US concerning freight and damages obligating the consignee as well as the shipper to cooperate with the carrier in minimizing their loses so if the item is reparable it has to be repaired. 


            If you fail to inspect the cargo, sign the delivery receipt stating that you received it in good condition and afterwords report damage you will not be eligible for any damage repair, refund nor free of charge replacement. Since you certified with your signature that the cargo has been delivered in good condition, the damage occurred after the delivery and the carrier nor the seller are liable.